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At Creekside Cabinets of New Bern, our goal is to provide homeowners with American made, factory custom cabinetry that fills in the missing puzzle piece. In other words, we believe that having cabinets made to your specifications can provide your home with exactly what it needs. In addition to combining top-quality craftsmanship with beautiful designs, the cabinets we offer are also designed to make everyday life easier. By creating a functional design that works to meet your specific needs, our goal is to ensure that you enjoy spending time in your home.

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Combining Timeless Beauty and Practical Usefulness

There’s nothing in the world quite like feeling comfortable in your home. But what does it take to do that? For some, it’s the right combination of colors. For others, it’s feeling like their living space suits their needs. What better way to enjoy the right aesthetic and the right layout than with new custom cabinetry made just for you?

When you choose Creekside Cabinets of New Bern, we will go above and beyond to make your home a better place to live. Whether you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets or new bathroom cabinets, we have you covered. Schedule your consultation today to learn more. We look forward to working with you!

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We Quote Cabinets The Creekside Way, Cabinetry Done Differently, Always Giving You the Most Value For Your Investment.

  • Soft cushion close doors and drawers are a standard at Creekside Cabinets in New Bern.
  • We include a wood cutlery divider in a top drawer.
  • We include trash pullout bases for your convenience.
  • We avoid blind corners to promote ease of access to all spaces.
  • We pay close attention to clearances and walking aisles.
  • We design creatively with long-term function in mind.
  • We offer a great custom cabinetry design, product, and professional service for the best price.


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